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Brand Discovery

The Discovery Phase:
Research & Exploration

Welcome to brand discovery! Here we explore your company's values, goals, and stylistic inspiration for your brand. Please take some time to fill this form out to the best of your ability. This information will really help me understand your brand better.

Thank you!

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This is the primary copy that will be used in the logo. Examples: Vandyink, Target, Midsouth Food Festival.
How should people feel when they see/think of your brand?
Brand Traits: Playful or Fierce?
Brand Traits: Detailed or Minimalist?
Brand Traits: Geometric or Organic?
Brand Traits: Abstract or Literal?
Brand Traits: Traditional or Modern?
Brand Traits: Mature or Youthful?
Brand Traits: Cutting-Edge or Established?
Please list if you have any specific icons/symbols/images/colors that you would like me to explore or avoid. Also, if you there are logos that you like, please provide links.